The Achim Freyer House of Art Foundation in Berlin

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The collection in the Kunsthaus of the Achim Freyer Foundation
14 April to 30 June 2019
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The Achim Freyer House of Art Foundation in Berlin


The KUNSTHAUS of ACHIM FREYER FOUNDATION in Berlin-Lichterfelde is an incomparable housing of art: the world famous painter and graphic designer, reknown for his stage designs and opera/theatre productions, opens his exquisite manor to the interested public.

While the home itself – a timbered house – where he exhibits his personal collection of paintings and art objects dates back to 1893, his unique art collection has gathered from all over the world in the form of gifts from friends and purchases. The collection consists of reknown masterpieces dating from the 19th to the 21st centuries. His collection completes with pieces from flea markets and so-called junc-art.

A “folkloristic collection“ per se. The connaisseuer calls it “Art brut,” “Street Art“ or “Outsider Art.“ Whereas museums usually carefully separate art according to centuries and their themes, Achim Freyer decidely exhibits his all along three floors in a very unorthodox, but personalized fashion. Of course, experts guide and inform the visitors and as to the art’s creative and historic origins and significance. Not only do the exhibitions display paintings and graphic art from various artists, but also many personal oeuvres of Achim Freyer himself. By this, Achim Freyer provides an insight into his work and being as a theatre producer, but he simultaneously allows emotional access to the exhibits.

Furthermore, on the ground floor of this remarkable house, there are various exhibitions in which the exhibited pieces may be purchased. Pieces of art from his early deceased first wife Ilona Freyer are also displayed as well as several pieces of young artists to whom he grants special interest. Various readings, concerts and discussions complete these initiatives.

Please also remember that the Achim-Freyer Foundation with legal capacity, relies on the financial contributions and would appreciate the commitment to help share the beauty, love, wonder, and life of the art housed here with the world.

Wihtout further ado, please accept the reknown artist of distinction’s unique invitation to his beloved Freyer-House in Berlin Lichterfelde–the abode in which he now shares his oeuvres and treasures–in small formats on canvas or paper.

(Translation: Klaus Michael)

The Achim Freyer House of Art Foundation in Berlin

Achim Freyer, born in 1934 in Berlin, changed his career after an apprenticeship as a painter to become engaged in theatre where he became a student of Bertolt Brecht at the Berliner Ensemble. In his early years, he was working as a set and costume designer until he moved to West Berlin in 1972 where he worked as a director.
His productions and set designs, set in theatres all over Germany, Europe and the USA gained international approval and many different awards. In 1988 he created the Freyer Ensemble in cooperation with actors, dancers, acrobats, musicians, singers, directors and stage designers. In the years between 1976 and 1999 Achim Freyer was a professor for stage design at the Universität der Künste Berlin (University of Arts Berlin). The celebrated artist always combined his free works as a painter with the arts of his stage designs. He was and is represented in numerous exhibitions such as the Kasseler documenta (1977 and 1987) and the Prager Quadriennale.
In 2013 Achim Freyer opened the KUNSTHAUS der ACHIM FREYER STIFTUNG in his heritage-protected villa in Lichterfelde-West in Berlin.

(Translation: Malina Berghaus und Marcel Oehmen)


Achim Freyer Stiftung
Kadettenweg 53
12205 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0) 30 833 93 14

Hours of Operation

The House of Art opens on Sundays from 3PM till 6PM.

Admission fee

The admission fee for the House of Art is 14 € per visitor.

The discounted fee of 7€ is available only for students, disabled people and visitors having a Berlin Pass. Admissions are free for students up to 16 years.


Information on current events will be posted online.


You are required to make reseverations online or by telephone.
Tel.: +49 (030) – 833 93 14

Guided Tours

Guided tours accompanying visits are only available starting on Sundays at 3:00 PM.

Group Guided Tours

The art collection also accomodates group visitations and group guided tours groups for groups larger than 15 visitors. Please be advised that group visitations are only possible after advance notice and apart from the official opening times allowing us to accomodate to the needs of the entire group.


Become a sponsor or companion for the Achim Freyer Foundation and its exceptional collection of global art of the 20th and 21st centuries. This house has become a location for international meetings and tolerance. The art gallery attributes a remarkable contribution promoting the contemporary art and living artists.

So far the A.F Foundation has been basically financed with the personal funds of its founder.

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